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RR / QR Animals for sale

We finally have reached our goal of spreading the R gene throughout our flock.  We have the R gene available in all colors.  We also have animals that are 5 generations away from the original finns that we got with the gene. Check back here for updates on when animals are tested, as well as the results.  Everything you need to know on one page! I use Genecheck out of Colorado and have had good results. I've listed the dam / sire for the lambs so it is easier to plan pairs. I have indicated if they are confirmed by testing. The animals in the RR and QR list are presumed to be that due to breeding.  The last section is the group that can only be RR or QR - this is the group that I will check first.  Testing can be expensive with a lot of animals, so if  you are interested in an animal I will be happy to test it first. It takes a little over a week to get the results.  I am currently waiting to get more testing supplies that are back ordered thanks to Covid-19. 

RR Rams

RR Ewes

QR Rams

QR Ewes

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