Foundation Ewes

Foundation Rams

The 6 Star General
Sextuplet ram 3L 3-39 out of one of our original bloodlines. His offspring are still producing well.
3L 6-04. Triplet. This ram has the best fleece I've even had on one of my rams. Beautiful animal. Lucky 7 is his son. Sire is Chocolate.
Long John
3L 3-13. Another tall long ram out of my original bloodlines
3L 3-58. Quint ram who threw a great fleece and lots of muscles.
The Chocolate Man
My first brown finn - he added a lot to the flock. WC 0199
3L 9-61. Twin brown ram who threw me many nice long brown finns.
Gene Magee QR
Triplet ram from Brian Magee's flock, this ram has lots of muscles that he passed on. One of my original QR animals. Sire of Robin and Loki, and many of my QR ewes.
Captain Hook QR
The original QR animal brought into my flock along with Gene Magee, they are totally unrelated. He is the sire of the Badger Man, grandsire of Pirate, and has many daughters and grandchildren in the flock. Beautiful fleece
Sextuplet gray ram sired by Romeo, this ram had a gorgeous fleece and coloring that made his offspring notable.
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The rams below show the consistency of our breeding program


West Richland, Washington

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