Lucky 7 - Septuplet white ram.  3L 11-282

Lucky 7 - Septuplet white ram. 3L 11-282

                         Sire:Iceman     Dam: 3L 6-46

Septuplet ram out of a long line of great producers, including his sextuplet grandfather. Great fleece, tall and long - this boy has it all! He throws nice looking animals that produce well.  His sire Iceman had one of the best fleeces in my flock.

  • 2018 Breeding

    He was specifically bred to some of the ewes to be unrelated to the sires with the R gene.  

    9-14            10-013

    10-112        11-334

    13-253        14-450

    15-627        15-643

    16-803        16-834


West Richland, Washington

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