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Finns never fail to amaze me!

Day 5 of lambing is almost over. We have had 29 ewes lamb for a total of 72 lambs. Yes it's crazy. And no I wouldn't want it any other way. Yesterday - on Dan's last day as the only shepherd - he lambed out 10 ewes who had 24 lambs. What a day! Today was much easier as we shared the chores. We kept almost 40 yearlings last year, most of them having twins so far. The little lady shown here - Warrior Woman - was very small last year and I did not think she would breed. She has been a super mom - she had the lamb by herself and is aggressively protecting her lamb from the other ewes. I had to put her with a different group! But with Roma (19-343 RR) for her dam and Grandma Gypsy (16-715 QR) I would expect nothing but a great mom. Devil is the Great Grandma. Strong ewe line! #40YearsOfFinns #Finnsheep #TripleLFinnsheep #HughesEwes

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