The King RR. Single white ram.  3L 18-000
  • The King RR. Single white ram. 3L 18-000

                                  Sire: Adam  QR       Dam: 3L 16-845 QR

    This ram has it all - nice fleece, nice size and great bloodlines. He goes back to Devil  (400% lifetime lambing over 14 years, including 4 sets of sextuplets) and Sasha (7-53) and has some Badger Man thrown in for good luck. His dam was a small yearling so don't hold the single birth against him! His lambs are showing up just like I want them - tall, long, with a great fleece. I am offering him for sale because I have kept lots of his offspring - all of which are doing well!


      West Richland, Washington

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