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Odin QR - Triplet white. 3L 17-002
  • Odin QR - Triplet white. 3L 17-002

                                    Sire: Loki QR              Dam: 3L 15-559

    Nice little ram who is the current back up to Loki.  Dam is a septuplet daughter of Lucky 7,  Great production behind this ram.  Beautiful lambs with very nice fleeces. I'm only selling him because his half-brother is Thor, who is a RR ram.  I only need one (or so I tell myself!)

    • 2019 Breeding List

       The following ewes were bred to Odin - unless otherwise noted lambs have a 50% chance of QR and 25% of RR:


      16-802 QR 

      16-834 QR

      17-006 RR - 50% chance QR, 50% chance RR

      17-019 QR

      17-023 QR

      17-913 QR

      17-934 QR

      17-947 QR


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