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Our Ewes

Welcome to our ewe page.  When you click on the ewe it gives additional information on her including current lambs for this year. Unfortunately my web program was not happy with the idea of me putting 100 ewes on the same page so for now I've divided them up by the year they were born.  For all animals born in 2010 or later, the first two digits of their number is the year they were born.  For animals prior to 2010, the first number is the last number of the year born, so Sasha - 7-53 - was born in 2007.


Confused about the lifetime lambing percent?  It is the total number of lambs the ewe has had divided by the number of years she has lambed. So in the case of Teri, she has averaged 4.22 lambs a year since she started lambing at 12 months of age.  This number changes yearly and usually starts low, peaks between ages 4-8, then declines as the ewe ages.  How long do finn ewes live?  I've had them lambing up to age 15!

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