White Ewe Lambs


I noticed something funny as I was adding my lamb pictures. I started my eartags this year with the number 17-861. When I hit 17-999 in my mind I went to 17-001. Ok, remember I was lambing at the time.So my numbers starting with 17-001 on towards the bottom of the page. To make matters worse, when I ordered my scrapies tags, I also forgot to tell them about the number change. Therefore they sent me numbers 17-861 - 18-040. Rather than screw up my entire numbering system I'm using the 18000 series tags for the 17000 lambs. Sorry for the confusion..............


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15-591 / Pirate


17-023 QR

16-834 / Adam








17-884  QR

15-627 / Pirate












13-253 / Pirate



17-015 QR

16-783 / Adam




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