Our Herd sires are selected from proven ewe lines. All are chosen based on ewe line productivity, size, conformation, and fleece quality.  You will notice an occassional twin listed - his dam line has proven productivity and I feel they are assets to the flock.


We had two QR ram lambs born this year.  We have added 4 more QR rams to give us a good foundation to disperse the R gene throughout the flock while still maintaining our original genetics. 


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 Breedings for 2015




Captain Hook

(Could be QR)

14-375   14-407

14-410     14-429

14-440     14-447

14-466     14-426




 7-72      10-069

12-001     13-228



9-04     11-252




9-62    11-243

12-143    14-393




9-08      10-112

11-344     13-344 


Gene Magee

(Could be QR)

    6-15     6-26

6-33     6-42

   6-48     10-013 



8-11     9-26

10-047     11-278



Little John

(Could be QR)

11-281     13-259

13-291     14-376



Lucky 7

 10-001    11-247

12-083    12-083

12-122    12-169



 13-253     13-269

13-343     14-361




10-122     11-347

12-014    13-287



 8-57     9-01

9-14     10-117

12-024     13-218


Robin of Locksley

2-53     6-48

7-53     11-249



Sheriff of Nottingham

1-16     8-10




8-22     12-043

13-257     9-86


The Duke

14-365    14-390

14-391     14-421











Robin of Locksley

Quint - White

LHF 1460


Sire:Gene Magee

Dam: LHF 923

Beautiful ram from Lighthouse Farms in NY. He is a littermate to Robin Hood.  Outstanding fleece on this boy. He has the potential to carry black and brown genetics and I will give him ewes of both colors to see what he does. 


Little John

Twin - white

3L 14-470


Sire: Robin Hood

Dam: 3L 9-08

A home grown boy with the most beautiful fleece you will ever see.This ram carries my Big Mama bloodline so I expect very big things from him.He is already bigger than most of my lambs.




3L 13-289

Sire: Eino   Dam: 3LDevil

This ram has a beautiful lavender gray fleece - very different from my other gray animals. Devil was 11 when she had him - phenomenal production behind this boy.  I am anxious to see what he does!


Sextuplet - Gray

3L 9-64

Romeo / Meeka (3L 6-36)

Nice ram out of a good ewe line, he has the best fleece of any of my rams. Dam was 3 when she had him - great production in his line!


Triplet - black

3L 9-85 

 Romeo /Abbey (Witt 3-97)

One of my largest rams, he carries the great Abbey bloodline.  Beautiful fleece from his sire Romeo, who was a quint.


Triplet - black

3L 11-269 

Eino / 3L 8-01

This ram is  a big boy with a beautiful fleece. He was raised on a bottle after his dam died. He is one of my longer rams. He has the blackest fleece of any of my animals, with a great crimp.


Gene Magee

Triplet - white

Magee 141


Sire: Magee D350

Dam: Magee 248

I am thrilled to have this ram from Brian Magee's flock out of NY.  This ram has a solid white pedigree.  He is large, well muscled and easy to handle.  I will be breeding him to my largest white ewes next year.



Lucky 7

Septuplet - White

3L 11-282 

Iceman / 3L 6-46
Septuplet ram out of a long line of great producers, including his sextuplet grandfather. Great fleece, tall and long - this boy has it all!



Quad - White

3L 13-275

Atlas / 3L 6-33

Nice ram out of very large ewe.  Great bloodlines, nice crimp in his fleece.  I am anxious to see what he will do.



Quint - White

3L 9-50

 Adonis / 3L 6-42

Very nice ram out of a strong history of high production. His dam was only 3 when she had him. Gorgeous fleece thanks to his sire.


Triplet - white

3L 9-84 

Romeo / Abbey (Witt 3-97

A white ram out of two black parents. He has a nice fleece, and the production of Abbey behind him. He is throwing nice lambs for me. 


Friar Tuck

Single- white

3L 14-502


Robin Hood / 3L 13-343

Beautiful ram with a great fleece.  He will probably be too small to breed this year. Watch out for him next year!


The Sheriff

Quint - white

LHF NY103 1471

QR - For Sale

Sire: Gene Magee

Dam: Witt VA26-227

very nice ram who carries a wide variety of colors in his background.  I will try him out with a variety of colors to see what he can throw.

Captain Hook

Triplet - gray

LHF NY10. 1520


Sire:Cook NY41 

Dam LHF1332 Tinkerbell

Soft gray colored ram with some badger markings.  He will go to my colored ewes, and a couple of whites just to get different genetics into my white flock.

The Chocolate Man

Quadruplet - Brown 

WC 0199

Prince / Pride
He has a beautiful fleece with a nice crimp. He has thrown very nice muscling to all of his lambs.



Quad - Brown

3L 12-179

Batman / 3L 10-069

This ram was an unexpected treasure.  He brings the best of my white fleece animals into my brown flock.  His dam had 7 lambs by age 2! He is a large ram with an exceptional fleece.


Twin - brown

3L 9-61

Eino / 3L 6-38

Very nice ram who is a 1/2 brother to Xypher.  This is a well-muscled ram with a very nice fleece. 


Twin - black

3L 9-88

Mr. B / Devil (3L 2-53)

This Devil son is very nice and one of my tallest.. He has both Devil and Big Momma's production behind him. You know he's going to do well with his background. And his dam still has a whopping 445% lifetime lambing at age 11, even with him being a twin! He carries a recessive brown gene from his sire. Can't beat it!

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